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This is a temporary landing page for the new Blog Money Growth & Revenue website. Some of the initial content might come from DisplacedGuy PowerBuilder, .NET & Adsense Income because the Internet Marketing articles are going to be separated from the programming articles.

If you were visiting DisplacedGuy PowerBuilder, .NET & Adsense Income for the AdSense Income stuff you should check back here every so often because I have lot’s of great new information coming.

Blogs To Hit Six Figure AdSense Income in 1 Year!

I have been working the sites full time and current projections have me reaching six figure income within around one year! It will have taken me around five years of part-time work and around one year of 66% work so that isn’t too bad for a three to five year investment.

I am positive I can teach others  to do the same thing I did and look forward to helping you. I’m sure you can pass tips to me on your journey to financial freedom so it will be a win-win situation.

Why Is AdSense Income Rising So Fast?

Part of the accelerated time-frame is occurring because I am improving three key AdSense Earnings Components concurrently. They are Page Views, Cost Per Click and RPM. If you remember from my prior articles, RPM is a factor of the first two so ideally RPM is the magic measurement you want to raise. I will link to articles on the subject just as soon as I transfer over the documents.

AdSense Page Views Increasing

The page views consistently go up by around 10-15% month-over-month when I am creating new content so this helps raise the RPM and Income.

AdSense Cost Per Click Increasing

The cost per ad-click has been increasing by around the same percentages lately, so both numbers are contributing to significantly higher AdSense RPM.

AdSense Click Through Rate Increasing

The visitors are clicking ads at closer to 1.5 or 2%% CTR instead of under .75% to 1% roughly double. This has a huge impact on RPM and earnings and we will talk about how these gains were achieved.

AdSense RPM Increasing

This is most exciting news, other than the fact that I’ll be reaching $100,000 in AdSense Income in around one year from today. This assumes the current trend stays within a ball-park area of 50% increases monthly.

Over the last few weeks AdSense RPM has been increasing very rapidly due to CPC and Click Through Rate Increases. I will go into details about why those numbers increased.  To put that into perspective, one site was achieving:

Week 1: AdSense RPM $5, Views 2,000 = $10 AdSense Income

Week 2: AdSense RPM $7.5, Views 2,200 = ~$16 AdSense Income

Week 3: AdSense RPM $10, Views 2,500 = ~$25 AdSense Income

Week 4: AdSense RPM $15, Views 2,500 = ~$42 AdSense Income

Week 5: AdSense RPM $20, Views 2,300 = $47 AdSense Income

Week 6: AdSense RPM hit $25 ! Best Ever & Impressive By My Standards.

I’ve reached around $100 monthly and now that the number is higher and the revenue doubles every month or two, projections have me reaching impressive levels of income (six figures) in less than two years, closer to one year!

It has been a long road, but the effort is REALLY paying off so I am as anxious as ever to share my skills learned and get a few friends working along with me.

Why Split DisplacedGuy & Blog Money Growth & Revenue?

Good question.

It was a hard decision because was my first blog and it has sentimental value to me. I feel that it has lost focus and that forces me to compromise in the development content and the making money Online content.

I also do not want readers interested in PowerBuilder or .NET to be bothered with content about making money blogging and vice-versa.



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